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Status Online
Ultima Verificare23 minutes 18 seconds ago
Versiune 1.16.5
Tip Joc Survival Economy Skills Custom Enchants Minions pets Shops Custom Ranks No wipe Grief Prevention
United States
Ultima Actualizare06 May 2021
Data inregistrarii06 May 2021


Jolt is a small community focused survival server with a handful of active players who are eager to see some new faces and grow our community. Our world was created in August of 2019 with the goal of creating a permanent space for cool builds, redstone, and community projects. We offer a variety of plugins and new gameplay features to spice up the vanilla experience while keeping things simple and streamlined. Whether your thing is building, farming, redstone, or combat, we have something for just about everyone!


Jolt runs on a single permanent survival world with 20 slots. We have active staff and perform regular upkeep and development. Make sure to join our discord for server updates, community engagement, our live map, and much more! We also take plugin requests and general suggestions as our main goal is to provide a fun place for you to enjoy the survival experience.


  • Simple spawn

  • Community Spawn Town

  • Crossplay with all bedrock versions except Switch and PS4/5

  • Grief prevention and rollback

  • Ranks and unlockables

  • In depth skills system with lots of perks

  • Admin shop, auction house, and chest shops

  • Vote to skip the night

  • Sell and buy property

  • Boss monsters with rare loot

  • Upgradeable minions to do your bidding

  • Jobs with daily quests

  • Enhanced mob drops

  • Live DynMap

  • Cross-talk with our discord server

  • Various tiers of loot boxes dropped as rewards

  • Custom enchantments (flying, detonation, etc.)

  • Companions which offer unique buffs

  • And more to come!


1. No hacking or griefing of any sort, this includes unwanted PvP. All damages or hacked items will be rolled back. We operate on a zero tolerance policy, and all found to be hacking or griefing will receive a permeant and indisputable ban.

2. Targeted hate speech, harassment, and flaming is not allowed. Targeted hate speech and harassment will be met with an immediate and indisputable ban. Flaming will be met with a temporary mute and a warning. Our server is a fun and safe place for everyone, try to keep the vibes good :)

3. Building near other players and building communities is highly encouraged and all unclaimed land is up for grabs. If you want to use an area please claim it before someone else. That being said, please do not use claims to purposefully grief or annoy other players. Purposefully invasive claims can and will be removed or reduced.

4. Clean up after yourself and do not clutter the overworld. This includes purposefully trashy or inappropriate builds, random pillars, and lava casts. Depending on the severity of the clutter it can sometimes count as grief. we have a zero tolerance policy on malicious lava casts, and offenders will be banned. Inappropriate or purposefully trashy builds will be removed, and offenders will receive a warning, but this rule mostly operates on the honor system. Keep our world pretty!

5. No advertising or spam. This rules applies to both the minecraft and discord servers. Offenders will first be warned, and then muted.

6. Exploits, glitches, duping, and xray texture packs are NOT allowed. Offenders will receive a warning, and will have any items or progress they made via the exploit reversed. Players are allowed to try to access the nether roof and construct auto fishing farms.

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