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Well lets give this another go round for recruiting for civs, law enforcement, emergency medical services and mechanics. So big changes went on with L.A. Stories RP, we've been up for a good year and we are still looking for good roleplayers and even if you are new, we would like to invite you over to our community and hopefully you call it home, after 2 drive crashes we managed to get back up and running within a week after losing a whole years work in the prep. We have various jobs including both whitelisted and non whitelisted in the city Whitelisted:


* Los Angeles Police Department - See Chief Kaysone

* Los Angeles Sheriffs Department - Closed

* California Highway Patrol - Closed

* San Andreas Fire & Rescue - See Chief B. Janicello

* Bradley's Garage - We have Bradley's garage which runs all over the city and looking for roleplayers who want to be mechanics or tow truck drivers, come in and see Bradley Hale!

* Downtown Cab - We have a local cab company in the city looking for more drivers to RP with.

* Trucking Simulator - Down at the docks we have the Trucking logistics where players can own their own trucking business to earn extra income either you can do the jobs yourself or hire AI drivers to help out.

* Garbage - Get a job with the city and work with Los Santos Sanitation

* Hotdogs - Sell some hotdogs around legion park!

* Reporter - Want to cover stories on what goes on in the city? Give it a shot! longest hired person may get the chance to run the news agency and have a team to cover all over.

* Towing - Hayes Auto and Garage - Get a job as a tow truck driver and just go tow cars.


Custom clothing and custom vehicles by JA Designs and Maps by Gabz.


We hope to see new people join into the server, once you join our discord, you only need to agree to the rules to get your community members roles which will give you access to fly into the server itself. join our discord and use f8 connect pdqxa5