New Hanover RP

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Tip Joc Vmenu CAD Realistic LEO Whitelist 16 Custom Cars Discord DOJ EMS
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare28 Oct 2022
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What is New Hanover Roleplay?

New Hanover Roleplay is a Roleplay community based on the lore from Red Dead Redemption 2 brought into the 21st century. NHRP takes realistic style roleplay to a whole new level. Our departments, laws, court system, businesses, and organizations(both legitimate and otherwise) is the core of our community and something you're unable to find in other communities.

What does NHRP have to offer?

Our community has endless opportunities to expand your roleplay! New Hanover Roleplay has an amazing staff and development. Our community is very kind and welcoming to new and returning members. Our community has unique paid civilian vehicles, scripts and tools that you can use to choose a life of crime or to create whatever storyline you like. We are also streamer/Youtuber friendly!

What departments are open?

  • Heartland County Sheriff's Office
  • Saint Denis EMS
  • New Hanover Regional Dispatch
  • New Hanover State Patrol
  • New Hanover Fire District
  • Saint Denis Police Department
  • Bureau of Land Management Rangers
  • New Hanover Department of Corrections

What makes your community standout from others?

Our unique vehicles, scripts, clothing, court system and our high performance server in addition to our departments led by members who are 18+ and a staff team comprised mostly of members in their 20s and 30s. We all have jobs and families, but we come together to have a good time playing with each other!

What is the age limit?

Our age limit is 18 years of age, but we allow member 16+ to apply (although anyone under 18 must be interviewed via VC in addition to the standard whitelisting process)