The Lavish Lifestyle

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🤑 Lavish Lifestyle RP | Economy 🤑

The Lavish Lifestyle RP contains a wide variety of high quality custom & unique vehicles for you to cruise through the streets of Lavish Los Santos city in. Hundreds vehicles are available at the dealership and more are being added & removed weekly in limited quantities.

Within our city you can live the Lavish Lifestyle you choose. There are all kinds of legal jobs to make money; if you prefer to get your hands a little dirty, there is also plenty of routes you can take to make illegal money. Once you stack up some money, you can purchase all the luxuries that you wish to indulge in. You can cash out on exotic vehicles, breathtaking properties, and much more!

Live the Lavish life YOU choose. Spend your money on cars, properties, and whatever else you please!

Be a criminal, be a police officer, be a mechanic, a civilian, or an entrepreneur; the choice is yours! Join us, and Start Living Lavish.

We are hiring for ALL positions and whitelisted roles! Inquire & apply on our discord!

🔥Features Include:🔥

  • Economy 
  • Realistic RP
  • Custom Addons & UI
  • Custom Cars (250+)
  • New Cars Every Week
  • Robberies
  • *****
  • Properties
  • Businesses
  • Exotic/Limited Edition Vehicles
  • Diamond Casino Gambling (Blackjack, Slots, Lucky Wheel)
  • Friendly & Welcoming Community

💰Jobs Available:💰

  • (NEW) Rally Race Driver
  • PC Computer Builder
  • Club DJ
  • Tour Guide
  • Co-op Garbage Collection
  • Mechanic
  • Police
  • EMS

& More!