New Beginnings RP

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Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Tip Joc Custom Cars Ambulance Police crime business Jobs Drugs Economy
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare20 Apr 2022
Data inregistrarii28 Feb 2022


There is always something new happening in the fast-paced city of NBRP. This growing server offers many different outlets and possibilities for creative roleplay that fills the gap between tedious economy servers and ultra-casual RP servers. Are you a criminal at heart? Grab a few friends, build up your gear, and pull off a bank heist - or crush those criminals’ dreams in the ranks of LSPD. Looking to stay out of trouble? Work for one of the many player-owned businesses - or be your own boss and work to open your own storefront.

NBRP has a balanced, player-run economy with over 400 vehicles, player homes, and lots of illicit activity. Plus, new things are added into the city every day, and there are lots of secrets to discover. Join now and see what Los Santos has in store for you!

    Custom Imported Cars (400+) & Clothing
    Custom Map
    Player Owned Businesses
    Public Jobs
    Whitelist Jobs (LSPD, EMS, D.O.T. Mechanics, Lawyers)
    Advanced dispatch system, MDT, Plate Readers and Speed Radar
    Player Houses & Apartments
    Casinos with legal & illegal gambling
    Advanced health / damage / fatal system
    Games & Working sync'd ride's at the pier
    Drugs (5 different types)
    Custom Real Weapons and Add-On Weapons with Recoil & Weapon Damage/Repair
    Gangs & Advanced Gang Wars
    Territories/Drug Zones& Advanced Turf Wars
    Car Boosting
    Phones w/ Live Video Calling
    Weapon & Item Crafting System
    Multi Characters
    Banking & ATM's with physical cash items
    Advanced Inventory & Weight system
    Hunting, Fishing, Farming & Cooking
    Working sync'd freight train, metro train, and tram systems
    Balanced crypto economy
    Weapon, Electronics, Explosives, and Vehicle Black Markets with "dirty money" currency
    Working sync'd boomboxes and TVs
    Bank, Store, and Jewelry Robberies
    Advanced garage system

This list can go on and on, but we'd much rather you experience all the city has to offer for yourself as it expands every day with new content being added.