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Posição407 Random Server
Website Website
Discord Discord 41
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Versão 3.3.5a 4.3.4
Tipo Custom All Professions Blizzlike Custom Events Custom Content Custom Commands Custom Quests Custom Raids Custom Scripts Friendly Staff
Última Atualização27 Aug 2020
Data de Entrada11 Aug 2020


Tired of WOTLK yet?  Krowten-networK is hosting 2 New Realms for both Cataclysm 4.3.4 and WOTLK Fun Realm Instant MAX lvl, Challenge 1v1/2/3. PvE and PvP Ranking system. The Cataclysm realm is the standard client. All of the information is on the website. I've heard people are looking for a stable and reliable Cataclysm Server.  I haven't gotten the SSL certificate yet so if you don't trust the website I totally understand. Come check us out, we are running LIVE events daily. New characters will get a "Booster-Pack" to start you off with. The GM's are HIGHLY involved so be prepared! PvP Hall of Fame included. PvE is working FANTASTICALLY! We fix the bugs daily, get in on the ground floor because I will probably let the beta testers keep their characters!

Both Realms are supported with plenty of Bandwidth for an ultra-smooth experience!

FRESH Cactaclysm Realm -

Fresh WOTLK Fun Server - PLAYER CREATED (Info in Discord)


We are catering to every individual player experience. So message myself or Penguino in-game and we will make sure you have everything you need to play the game the way you really want to. NPCbots available for single players. I hope to see a few of you soon!

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World of Warcraft privados servidores - Krowten-networK servidor  | TopG
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World of Warcraft privados servidores - Krowten-networK servidor  | TopG

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