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Tipo Alchemy Balanced Free Silk Auto Events Freetoplay Old School Customs Job Based
Última Atualização14 May 2020
Data de Entrada14 May 2020

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Are you ready for the Real Silkroad Online experience?
We created MHTC Online...


About MHTC Online..

Most players think silkroad online is better than before. Efforts to reach high levels .. There were no bots, no pay to win. Exploring the world of Silkroad and reaching the next level was exciting. The international server followed false policies and made the pay to win... After sharing Silkroad server files, hundreds of private servers opened, destroying the spirit of the game. So we decided to make a server for anyone who misses real silkroad online. The name MHTC is the name of the first silkroad private server opened in the world. (2006)

Why you should play MHTC Online?
MHTC Online is designed to provide the original silkroad experience with little edits without disrupting the dynamics of the game.
Silk, gold or items are not sold, no bots, everyone is equal. You will have a fair gaming experience while reviving your memories. Trying this server will keep you entertained! We also planned a long-term adventure. therefore, an upgrade can be made at the request of the players.

All rates are original..
Starting Level 1 - Max Level 60
Mastery Level 300

Old Interface

In the old times there was no autopot. So autopot has been added with chat command!

What is 3 Job System ?
You can do 3 JOB at the same time with the OLD JOB system.. You can wear a job suit outside the city, you can immediately switch to the other job.

In order to keep the job system active, we added silk and valuable silk items to npc for gold.

We are waiting for true oldschool lovers! :)