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Tipo Battle Arena Job Based CTF Free Silk New Skills New playing systems Balanced cap90 PC limit 3 Auto Events
Última Atualização04 Mar 2017
Data de Entrada09 Aug 2016


[CENTER] [IMG][/IMG] [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Introduction[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER]Hello everyone, Today I am going to introduce the amazing Silkroad Online private server in 2016's. - First of all, currently there are many active silkroad private servers which are sux, full of kids, and shi** stuff, but we are totally different we have many goals which lead us to create Revolution Gaming Network The story behind our server is to retrieve old SRO feeling with new systems, new playing methods, new stuffs, creative ideas. Which satisfy our players need. Also we made it JOB BASED with creative ideas explanation is coming below, you have to make sure that we will always listen to your suggestions, feedback, and put our efforts to develop this game to reach the top servers together. Note: This topic does not include all server features that we have created, but it includes only some of them. You can discover all features by living the journey yourself.
In addition, you can create a support ticket anytime when you feel that you have stucked or need help, our team members will answer it as soon as possible. [/SPOILER]
[table=head]Icon | Info | Link
[IMG][/IMG] | Website:| Click here
[IMG][/IMG] | Offical fb:| Click here
[IMG][/IMG] | instgram: | Click here
[IMG][/IMG] | twitter: | Click here
[IMG][/IMG] | Youtube | Click here
[/TABLE] Beta open: 1-8-2016
[/SPOILER] Grand open: 5-8-2016
This topic contains 4 parts [table=head]Part No. | Content | Priority
1 | Game info | High
2 | Game Features | High
3 | FAQ | Medium
4 | updates | low[/table]
[SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Part 1: Game Info[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SPOILER] [center]
[SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Basic information:[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SPOILER] [table=head]Info| Link
Cap | 80
Races | Chiness only
Mastery | 320
New weapon/Skills | Revo Sword
PC limit | 2
Plus limit | 9
Plus Notice | 7
Exp rate| Mid
Gold| is valuable and low rate
JOB | is the most important part to be strong enough
Daily gift| for login everyday (explaintion below)
New quests| yes
Balanced gameplay| YES
Academy| NO
Magic pop| NO
Adv elixir| NO
Free Silk | can be gained by several ways[/TABLE]
Game rates [table=head]Info| Rate
Exp | 20x
Exp party | 25x
Gold rate | 4x
Drop rate | 6x[/table] [IMG][/IMG]
Alchemy Rate (lucky powder rate only) [table=head]Plus| Chance rate
+1 | 50%
+2 | 30%
+3 | 20%
+4 | 8%
+5 | 5%
+6 | 3%
+7 | 3%
+8 | 1%
+9 | 1%[/table]
[table=head]Availiable| info
zones | Jangan, DW, Hotan, Roc Mountain, Job temple
masteries | Bicheon (Sowrd/blade) /Heuksal (Glavie,Spear)/ Pacheon (bow) / Long Sword (Revo weapon)[/table]
[/center] [/spoiler]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Start Stage[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] [table=head]Information | Value
Start level | 1
Start Sp | 20k
Start gold| 5M
Start position| Jangan
Start Stats| 0
[/table] [table=head]Item info | amount | can be traded
HP XL bag | 1000 | YES
MP XL bag | 1000 | YES
Return Scroll| 20 | NO
Reverse Scroll| 20 | NO
Res scroll | 20 | NO
Moving speed 120%| 3| YES[/table] [CENTER]Note: each created character would start with full set +9 Fb/ 100% stats [SPOILER=img]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Balance information:[/FONT][/SIZE] [spoiler] * Uniques Physical damage has been decreased by 20% to balance STR-INT characters.
- Which means the STR characters attack damage will increase a little bit to be balanced vs INT chars * Decreased item purchase by 30% of it's old price
* Decreased price of selling items by 60% of it's price
- Which means that gold bots has nothing to do, and they are forced to choose another way to earn gold. Also, to sell their items to real players not just NPCs * Premium plus has been changed to 8% while the normal one is 5% only
- Which means it's not pay to play, Also premium can be gained free. * PC limit 3
- to balance the game users - You can request more if you have found something to do!
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Disabled stuff[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] [table=head]Value| Reason behind
Adv elixirs | useless
Academy | many abusers
Magic Pop | pay2win
FGW | it's sux, and many abusers.
Stall network | to encourage people to use normal stalls[/table]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Schedule
[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] [table=head]Value| Time schedule | duration
CTF| everyday each 2 hours | 26min
FW reg| everyday | whole week
FW playing time | Saturday / Wednesday | from 17:00 to 19:00
FW tax collect | Saturday / Wednesday | from 7:05 to the next day at 7:05 PM
Arena JOB reg| 12:50 / 2:50 everyday| 10min
Arena Party reg| 4:50 / 6:50 everyday | 10min
Arena random reg| 8:50 / 10:50 PM everyday | 10min
Arena JOB | 1:05 / 3:05 everyday | 30min
Arena Party | 5:05 / 7:05 everyday | 30min
Arena random | 9:05 / 11:05 PM everyday | 30min[/table] Much more to be added. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Part 2: Game Features[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] [center] [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Daily Reward System[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] This system is so simple, it rewards the players who are visiting us everyday
Simple guide: each day you login you will receive different reward randomly. How it works?
The week consists of 7 days. It starts from Friday ends on next Friday
Okay let's explain it well, the 2nd day reward is better than the 1st one, the 5th day is better than the 4th
For example two players
1st player: has visit us on Friday and, he kept vising us till the next Friday in this case he will receive the full week rewards
2nd player: has visited us on Sunday, so he missed 2 days = 2 rewards so, his first day counted as Sunday which means that he won't be able to
get the 7th,6th days reward which are the most valuable ones simply we can say, the first login day of the week after Friday it counts as the 1st day for you, and day after day rewards becomes more valuable than the other so if you missed 1 day you won't be able to get the 7th day reward
the last day will be counted as the 6th. examples of rewards: - Silk items
- Immortal stone
- Astral Stone
- Magic stones
- Att Stones
- Silk pets
- Gold
- Elixirs
- Silk transportations
- CTF,Arenaetc - coins
- Much more those are just few examples [/SPOILER]
[SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Fortress War[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] We did little edits to make FW worth to play, actually its an important part
in Silkroad - The only fortress war which is available (HOTAN) which makes the battle so hot. - Fortress war tax of Hotan is 60% which makes you pay much money to the winner guild ( oh! you can beat them and take the tax 😃 ) - Fortress reward is changed to 1,500,000,000 (1.5 billion ) + Hotan tax - Fortress war is twice per week so you would have chance to revenge :pimp:
[SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Coin System:[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] Almost all coin systems are sux, but we have made it much more ineresting.
There are 3 kids of coins which are: CTF, Unique, and Arena coins
How to get them? By being active (description below) 1- CTF Coins is the abbreviation of Capture The Flag coins which you can get it by joining CTF battle (times are in schdeual section)
2- Unique coins: you can get it easily by hunting the uniques each killed unique drops those coins
3- Arena: Arena coins you can get them by entering Arena battles (times are in schdule section) we made this system especially to make the players interactive with each other.
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Job Section[/FONT][/SIZE]
Jobbing in Revo is the most important part we are focusing on. - Job profit fixed to be mid rate (can be changed later) to balance the gold in the server so, we won't see 99999bil gold for an item xD
- Job exp is reasonable, easy to gain Job reborn gives you :
- 2 additional Stats which makes the players stronger (limited times only)
- 300m gold
- 10 Pandora box
- 100 Arena coins (which helps you to buy Revo weapon) [center][IMG][/IMG][/center]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Item Section:[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER]
[center] We have created new fully weapon Starting from level 20 which called Revo weapon OR Long Sword. You can buy normal weapons from Hotan blacksmith. [IMG][/IMG]
- Items purchase price has been decreased by 30% while price of selling the items to NPC has decreased by 60%
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Monster Section
* Unique monsters are dropping
- D8 items
- D9 items with Maximum durability (which means 1 time use)
- Unique coins which helps you to buy Moon Revo weapon
- Gold, and other regular stuffs [IMG][/IMG]
* Job temple - Job temple is available with new type, job quests & much more. There are many things to discover ;) [IMG][/IMG]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Quests section[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER]
[center] All quests rate has been changed [table=head]Exp| Sp | Gold
4x | 5x | 4x [/table]
We have made New quests, which helps you to expand your inventory. That makes the life easier :D [table=head]Quest Name | Quest Level | Quest Monster | inventory slots | Sp | Gold | repeatable
Inventory quest 1 | 50 | Penons | 2 | 2,000 | 3 mil | NO
Inventory quest 2 | 60 | yeti | 2 | 4,000 | 5 mi | NO
Inventory quest 2 | 65 | Shukram | 2 | 5,000 | 11 mil | NO
Inventory quest 3 | 70 | Devil Mask Nachal | 3 | 6,000 | 20 mil | NO
Inventory quest 4 | 75 | Wing | 3 | 7,000 | 50 mil | NO
Inventory quest 5 | 80 | Antelope | 4 | 10,000 | 80 mil | NO[/table] [IMG][/IMG]   [/center]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Skill Section[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER]
[center] - Skills has been edited to fit with cap 80
- Revo Skill mastery has been added to be used with Revo Weapon only [IMG][/IMG] short description for Revo mastery: Revo mastery such as normal masteries, but with new type of skills. Chinese character now can use Invisible skill which makes the game more fun during wars. Also, there are many other skills as shown in the photos, you can discover them by yourself.
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Free silk[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] You can get free silk by several ways, each one will be mentioned below with description. - Active system
- Uniques
- Job
- Events
[center][SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Weekly Active system[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER]
We are recording each second you are active in Revo, each week on Friday our system automatically gives the most active player it's reward which is as following
- Active player Title ( which gives you the ability to have the (blue zerk) which last more than the regular one and much stronger.
- 250 Silk automatically transfer to your account
- you can suggest other rewards (suggestions are always welcome) * please note that Title resets every week on Friday and it goes to the new active player for that week [/SPOILER]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Uniques[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER]
Each month we are counting the best 5 unique killers ( depend on how many killes per that month) there will be 5 positions rewards as the following
- 1st position: 500 Silk
- 2nd position: 400 Silk
- 3rd position: 300 Silk
- 4th position: 200 Silk
- 5th position: 100 Silk rewards are valuable because we will appreciate your active status in our server, and hard working [/SPOILER]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"] Job[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER]
each month there we will choose best 3 jobbers with a great rewards as following: each month we will choose best 1 hunter - 1 thief - 1 Trader
to reward them for their efforts ( it doesn't depend on exp or those stuff )
we will evaluate the most hard working jobbers by our system Rewards: each one will receive 500 silk as a gift [/SPOILER]
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"] Events[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] There will be many events on our social media, the winners will be chosen randomly, or depends on specific factors. Rewards are going to be reasonable amount of silks or items.
[/SPOILER]   [IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Capture the flag:[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SPOILER] Capture the flag was the interesting part in SRO since it has been created in the original game, everyone who have played there should have good feeling and good memories at that place
Actually we didn't forget to keep this part useful, how it is?
by playing CTF you will get CTF coins which gives you the ability to buy Revolution Sos weapon. Also, you can get the honor buff which is for reasonable cost of CTF coins
Honor buff gives you power. You can suggest further ideas. [/SPOILER]
[/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/center]  
[IMG][/IMG]     [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Part 3: FAQ [/FONT][/SIZE]
[SPOILER] Facing login problems? [SPOILER] - Make sure that revofile.dll is not blocked or deleted by your antivirus, or just do exception for that file in your antivirus.
-If you don't have an antivirus, it might be your Windows Defender. Disable Windows Defender also.
- Download C++ 2015 Here it helps other games to run correctly.
How to get Revo weapon? [SPOILER] [table=head] Value | Payment 1 | Payment 2
Normal weapon | Gold | -
Seal of Star | CTF coins | gold
Seal of Moon | Unique coins | gold
Seal of Sun | Arena coins | gold[/table] [/SPOILER] What is the easiest way to earn gold? [SPOILER]
Gold can easily be gotten from Trading or jobbing [/SPOILER]    
[IMG][/IMG]   [SIZE="5"][FONT="Verdana"]Part 4: Updates[/FONT][/SIZE] [SPOILER] Planned updates [SPOILER] blank atm [/SPOILER] current updates [SPOILER] blank atm [/SPOILER]