ViolendPW 1.3.6


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Versão 1.3.6
Tipo PVP Incast High Rate Max Lvl 250 Free To Play
Última Atualização21 Jul 2019
Data de Entrada15 Oct 2013

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Server version 1.3.6;
An interesting and balanced game;
Responsive administration;
3 races: Sides, Humans, Zoomorphs;
Class balance;
When starting 200lvl;
Its unique game currency;
Maximum level 250;
Craft Level 10, Hell / Heaven 3;
TV every day, in the clan to TV you need to stay only 24 hours .;
The server changed the number of positions in the clans: 1-master, 2-marshal, 8-majors, 24-captain;
A huge number of styles more than 3000;
The minimum donat that does not affect the balance of the server;
Attack speed 5.0; Time singing -99;
The latest anti-cheat system;