Honey Hollow

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Último Ping19 minutes 20 seconds ago
Versão 1.15.2
Tipo Backpacks Casual Free Friendly Grief Prevention Trading Economy Java
United States
Última Atualização20 May 2020
Data de Entrada20 May 2020

Servidor Info

Honey Hollow is a 100% rank free survival server with an economy focused around item trading. There are towns scattered around the world which all have themed trading hubs so players can trade NPCs for items, with more being built! We also have an ever-expanding player market, so players can build their own shops and sell items for currency. Our server is 100% free to play, because we believe everyone in our community should have access to the same commands, items, etc!

We focus largely on our community's wants and needs, and include them as much as we can when adding new things to the server. Staff is quick and easy to get ahold of if players ever have any issues, and we typically are able to fix issues right away. Our community is small, typically seeing 6-7 players on at once depending on the time, but we're slowly growing! We have monthly events where our players can earn in game prizes, and we reset the end monthly so loot never runs out!

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