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Último PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
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United States
Última Atualização30 Aug 2018
Data de Entrada30 Aug 2018


A Year of hard work and dedication lead to the development of this server and its current state. Worked on the server by myself and is hosted by Crident Networks. Max slots is 128. For more details on the server check out the forums front page
Change Logs
30 Aug 2018

Many Jobs to choose from!

M9K, CS:GO Guns & Knives!

Zeros Arcade, Mining, Fruitslicing, Oil Mining, Methlab & Pizza Making!

Money Clicker Printers & Enhanced Sawmill System!

Itemstore Inventory System & Icarus Crafting System!

Wiremod, ARCBank & Atmos Weather Mod!

Classic Hitman System for Hitman Jobs!

A Daily Rewards System with cool rewards!

A Refund System when times are rough!

Customized Prometheus Donation System!

A Server Tasks System with cool rewards!

An Underground Dealer for thieves!

Heists powered by dHeists just like in the Payday video games!

Blue's Unboxing packed with a plethora of CS:GO & CSO Guns & Knives!

And much more to come in the future!