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Tipo Mods Air Drop Friendly Custom 2x Kits Active Admin Levels Voting Rewards Anti Cheat
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Ultima Actualización11 Oct 2021
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Welcome to RUSTSLAYER.NET! A server for casual and noob rust slayers! The server is for everyone to enjoy and have fun! Play here and forget about offline raiding, large OP teams, and other bullshit. You can play in passive PVE or PVP but remember this is RUST and you can be killed or raided while you are logged on.RPG players welcome! Handful of premium plugins for everyone to enjoy for free, check out our custom coded Menu GUI! Hope you have fun and join us in Discord to be part of the community. Make sure to read the rules thoroughly.

Join us in Discord and check out some of the cool stuff we have for you!

Discord Rewards :

You can claim Discord rewards in the game! Just verify your Discord account with our bot in game and you can claim items, kits, and more!

RUST Bot Helper & Custom Bots:

- Rust Status
- Rusty Helper
- Slayer Master - Use /commands in the general chat to view all commands.


1. No Offline Raiding
2. No Kill On Sight
​3. No Monument Camping or Monument Blocking
4. No racism, no homophobia, no political & religion topics/symbols
5. Max team size of 3
6. Respect all players...SERIOUSLY!

Offline Raiding Conditions​ - You are allowed to offline raid ONLY if the following conditions are met: The owner of the base has not logged in for more than 10 Days or the Base is starting to decay. Team bases require at least one player to log in every 8 days before it becomes available for offline raiding. After 8 days of no team members logging in to the server, the team base is available for offline raiding. You can ignore the following part of rule #4 - Off lines can be raided by the whole team.​Offline raiding rule is ignored 2 days before the server is wiped and becomes free for all.

Use this link: to see a further explanation of each rule and use this link: to learn about the gameplay rules of the server.


1. CommandMenu GUI 
2. Player Skills
3. Rust Points
4. 50K Stacks
5. Raidable Bases
6. Server Shop
7. Discord Prices
8. Homes
9. Tree Planter
10. Absolute Sorter
11. Weapon Names
12. Warps GUI
13. Fast Crafting
14. BackPacks
15. Lock Cars
16. Slower Decay
17. Rotating Pickups
19. Kits
20. Grenade Launcher & Flare Gun
21. Clear Chat
22. Power Smelt 
23. Furnace Sorter 
24. Build Actions & Remove Tool
25. Spawn Mini
26. Anti-offline Raid Protections
27. 2x Resource Gathering
28. Vote Rewards
29. Fuel Alarm & Gauge
30. Death Notes
31. Automated Air Drops
32. Player Stats & Leader Board
33. Friend Referrals
34. SkinBox
35. Home Recycler

Use this link: to see a further explanation of each feature along with video tutorials to most features.