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Metin2 Aeon - Ascend to greatness by your own hand! The spanish server more complete without exaggerations.
Join Warriors Aeon and begin the ascent to power! No matter if you choose the way of friends or alone mercenary, the dynamic world of Aeon is waiting you! Ascend to greatness by your own hand, fight and conquer the other players! Make from your name history and eternal glory will be yours! Face other enemies will be a matter of honor, courage and experience.. and remain standing will be a real challenge! No young hero take long to realize that the road to the top is hard; too hard and too long to walk alone. For allies, you must create a guild and unify your friends!
Informations: - Current maximum level: 120
- Highest possible level: 250
- Maximum level of status points: 90
- Server Bonus: Exp 100% / Yang 100% / Drop 100%
- Spanish and English client. Just press on the flag.
- Professional support online service (you can chat with an operator support department to solve your problems instantly, ticket system, etc.)
- Offline Shop System(80 slots, 1 hour / 12 hours / 24 hours / Unlimited - time change without need to close the store, own bank, automatic color of visited shops, automatic comeback stores after each maintenance, close on automatic expire time or last item sold, advanced security).
- Official Pet System (new official GUI, 46 Pets each with its name, level, exp. They give native bonus + bonus per level. You can change the name of the pet and feed'it. The GUI takes information of all deaths pvp and pvm.)
- Race Change System. Is a unique system.
- Quick Change Equipment System.
- Belts.
- Costumes and official hairstyles.
- Official mounts: 39 mount Seals (1 single use, 7 days & permanent).
- Private chat actived a "snitch" as the Whatsapp does .. you will know when the recipient read your message and what time. The chat takes a quick button to block.
- Double business window between players with additional information (+ clock & button to take pictures).
- HP and SP information in duels. You can view the HP and SP opponent for the duration of the duel.
- You can see the profile (window equipment) of any player with just 1 click ( You can block this option so no one can see your equipment).
- The characters have 3 inventories instead of 2 + information on all bonus, attacks and defenses.
- Fast channel change within the game.
- Private shop (double slots: 80) with an option to view the history of sales.
- List of GM on the same panel of friends.
- All original biologist Chaegirab missions (every 1 hour delivery, normal failure probability).
- Advanced System semi-automatic OX Event.
- We increased the maximum number of players of a guild to 145.
- We increased the maximum number of players of a group to 16.
- Dustbin in the inventory for the items you want to delete. There is no npc for this, you can do it fast and convenient by simply dragging the item to the cube.
- MD Check (dynamic / You can buy in the plaza but is empty, you can deposit or withdraw the amount MD you need. He can be traded).
- Yang Check (dynamic / You can buy in the plaza but is empty, you can deposit or withdraw. He can be traded).
- Portable Banking System (You can deposit the bank to 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 yang).
- Official Itemshop in the game.
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  Additional Informations: - Each player can set the day/night mode in the game options.
- You can downgrade level by yourself (once a week, max 5 levels, from level 55).
- In all kingdoms stores items are cost the same.
- You can show your equipment by chat without need to have any special item.
- The general chat is used for the 3 kingdoms / 1 [PM] depending on the kingdom (blue, red or yellow).
- All emotions work without need to wearing the mask.
- Emotions between players of the same sex (rather than kiss for example, they embrace).
- Permanent Value Cape.
- Metin Compass. Working properly, you can buy in the plaza and its strength (X detector distance) has been increased.
- The 3% tax on sales of items in stores server has been deleted.
- All monsters and metin stones have the level before the name.
- No need to wait to change the guild. Only to dissolve and create a new guild you must wait 10 minutes.
- Option to play in fullscreen (you hide even the toolbar and minimap. Is activated and deactivated with the F8 key)
- Clams have 4 pearls (3 + 1 a new Golden Pearl needed to improve weapons and armor large level).
- Elixir of Sol & Luna - Auto HP & SP. 7,000,000 HP recharged automatically (on / off).
- Devil Torre (6 floor / 1 random blacksmith + shop with Biologist items | 9 floor / 3 blacksmiths).
- Spider Cave 3 + Cubil Baroness Spider.
- Inferno Purgatory (Gates of Hell).
- Vigilance tower Nemere.
- Dragon Temple
- Devil's Catacomb.
- Ramadan event (1 month / every summer)
- Harvest Festival. 1 whole day event (last weekend of each month).
- Spanish & English support service. We hope that we deserve your trust! Atte. Aeon Team