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Somos un servidor creativo que se esfuerza por crear la mejor experiencia para usted, el jugador. Tenemos una zona de juegos de roles administrada por nuestro equipo de personal, así como el resto del mapa es gratuito para todos y un recinto de pruebas literal. También tenemos muchos mods de...

We're looking for moderators who are mature, who care about the playerbase and less about themselves. You can be any age, but you must be a mature person. We have zero tolerance for admin abuse, so if you plan on doing that, please skip on to the next server. We're preferably looking for someone in the US or Canada for the different timezones they have.

Please know that being a moderator is not a fun job. You are literally the janitor of the server, cleaning out the scumbags who break rules. Please know that you will be interrupted while you're doing your own thing because someone raided someone's shop in the roleplay zone.

Moderators have all the permissions of a normal player, with extra commands such as /spy and /kick (30 second delay) just to name a few. Please email me if you are interested.

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