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  Welcome to AllstarLegends,where everything is possible!

Do you remember the good old days?
Join now and relive the old school nostalgia!

AllstarLegends 24/7 Oldschool Nostalgia!    Download client:     Forum:       ~FEATURES~    ONLY SERVER WITH AN AUTOMATIC GAMBLING POKER SYSTEM
- Donor status and donorzone 
- Clan chat + Lootshare 
- Perfect skillcape emotes 
- Perfect combat + perfect PVP 
- Ingame Highscores 
- :droprates (shows monster drops and rates) 
- Dedicated server hosting 
- Slayer with tasks and store 
- Double EXP Weekends 
- Regular updates 
-yell for everyone 


- Castle Wars 
- Duel arena 
- Pest Control 
- Barrows 
- Tzhaar cave 
- Barbarian Assoult 
- Warrior\\\\\\\'s Guild 


- Godwars Dungeon 
- King black dragon 
- Barrelchest 
- Kalphite Queen 
- Dagannoth kings 
- Chaos Elemental 
- Giant Mole