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A little extra thing for you amazing members... Use code BETA for 10% off on all VIP pack. One time use.

Here's some things you can expect in NewEraRP

-Active and mature Staff
-Custom LEO Skins
-Awesome cars
-Amazing Scripts
-Affective Report system so that we can fix any problems that you come across
-Amazing Jobs
-Great Economy
-Wonderful Map

Here's some of the illegal ways to make some fast cash ;)
-Cook Meth
-Grow Weed
-Play around with some opium
-Brew up some delicious lean
-Rob a bank or two
-Mug a person
-Hack your way to the bitminers
-Print some fast cash with the money printers
-Get some new bling by robbery and jeweler

Or are you wanting to Protect the economy? Maybe you will like these jobs.
-Police Department to enforce laws in the city
-Sheriff Office to make sure the outskirts and cabins are not doing anything fishy
-Fire/EMS to heal and fight some crazy fires
-FBI to get into solving the real mystery
-SWAT if you all about breaching in and busting down doors
-Secret Service to make sure the Mayor is safe and sound
-Security to make sure that robbers don't rob some local stores or the bank
Or maybe you are all about the business. Here's what we have for you..
-You can sell some awesome vapes so people can be vape gods
-Sell some guns as a gun dealer so that people can protect themselves
-Be a bank manager and protect the vault
-"I need a ride" well that's what the Uber driver is for
-Be a tow trucker to get the broken down cars out of the way
-Maybe people are looking for some better guns, but they are illegal... Well that's what the Blackmarket dealer is for

Or maybe your just trying to do you.. Here's what's in stock..
-You can be a hobo who lives on the streets and stabs people
-Be a common civilian and do you civ duties
-be a free Runner and run around and maybe rob a few people. Or just climb buildings

We have all of these for you at NewEraRP!!! And make sure you use code BETA at the VIP store because if you like these jobs, you will LOVE the VIP Jobs :wink:
Make sure you have the content pack and you have read over the rules.


Make sure you have the content pack installed.
Make sure you have read over the rules

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