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Private Boss Instances -Experience Goes Up To 10B -Achievements For Amulet of Completion -Bank Presets -Ironman Mode -Custom bosses -Weekly Raffle -200m Xp capes -Zombie Invasion -10b Xp capes -Donator Ranks Lending System -Lootbeams -Boss slayer -Wilderness Rings
Change Logs
09 Oct 2017


Server Update: October 9th, 2017




Boss Drop Changes:
• Main-Hand Ascension Crossbow: 1.3% -> 0.9% 
• Off-Hand Ascension Crossbow: 1.3% -> 0.9%

Fatal Resort:
• Main-Hand Royal Court Rapier: 1.3% -> 0.7%
• Off-Hand Royal Court Rapier: 1.3% -> 0.7%

• Virtus Wand: 1.3% -> 0.9%
• Virtus Book: 1.3% -> 0.9%

Obsidian Jad:
• Obsidian Shard: 1.2% -> 0.7%

Obsidian Champion:

• Obsidian Shard: 1.3% -> 0.9%

• Subjugation Hood: 50M -> 75M
• Subjugation Body: 50M -> 150M
• Subjugation Legs: 50M -> 150M

Armadyl (KREE'ARRA):
• Armadyl Helmet: 14.0% -> 10%
• Armadyl Chestplate: 14.0% -> 10%
• Armadyl Chainskirt: 14.0% -> 10%
• Armadyl Gloves: 14.0% -> 10%
• Armadyl Boots: 14.0% -> 10%


• Armadyl Helmet: 20M -> 75M
• Armadyl Chestplate: 200M -> 150M
• Armadyl Chainskirt: 200M -> 150M
• Armadyl Gloves: 10M -> 50M
• Armadyl Boots: 10M -> 50M

• Bandos Helmet: 14.0% -> 10%
• Bandos Helmet: 10M -> 250M





Misc. Price Changes/Money Making:
• Armadyl Runes:  Sell price now 60K


• Blood trees:

    - New blood trees have been added to the Red Portal

    - 4 Trees in total have been placed

    - Logs will sell for 1.5m each

    - Locations:





Client/Misc. Changes:
• Crowns:
    - Owner  = Red 
    - Head Admin = Cyan 
    - Admin = Gold 
    - Head Mod = Orange 
    - Mod = Silver 
    - Support = Blue I

• Multiple Interface Changes:
    - Cape Rack Interface
    - Loading Screens
    - Login Screen

    - Friends Chat/List Icon

• ::Players now shows correct colors for ranks

• Eradicator Rank is now 100% Elite Donator Rank

    - Elite Jad / King (::elitejad, ::eliteking)

    - NPC is now "Elite Guardian"

    - Elite Potion

    - Elite Bones

    - Etc.

• Elite potion has been given a new animation


• Commands:
    - ::fz command was added - Teleports to flowerzone
    - ::discord command was added - Opens discord invite link
    - ::nurn command was added - Teleports to nurn
    - ::perks command was added - Opens donator perks thread

    - ::plug command was added - Opens plugdj

    - ::edge command was added - teleports you to edgeville
    - ::commands has been updated with new commands




We are also looking into the following:


• Revamping drop tables for:

    - King Black Dragon

    - Avatar of Destruction

    - Seasinger

    - Wildywyrm

    - Max. Gradum


• New money making methods


• Changing existing money making methods


• Revamping normal slayer rewards shop


• Possible degrading system for mid & high tier armour (Will be polled at a later date)




Please remember we are always open to your suggestions.

If you are unhappy with any of the changes we've made, please let us know and perhaps we can work on it.

Also, if you have any ideas on the following things listed above under "We are also looking into the following:" feel free to let us know!




- ReignX Staff Team

19 Oct 2017


Server Update log: October 19th, 2017


Main Update:

We have decided to give the Regular Slayer Shop a little Revamp so its a little more enjoyable to work on your regular slayer tasks. We designed the Purchasable items in the Shop so it wont become dead content anymore. The new Slayer Shop contains the following items :






Task Gem

Price : 1 Slayer Point 

Use : Its the new Slayer Gem to contact Kuradal to get a new Task, Change your current task, Check whats your current task and to open the Slayer Shop.


Onyx stones Box :

Price : 5 Slayer Points

Use : Box contains x50 Uncut onyx stones. This one is for our fellow non donators and specially Ironman players.


Huge xp Lamp 

Price : 25 Slayer Points

Use : grants you alot of Xp


Cosmetic Sets box :

Price : 25 Slayer Points

Use : Contains various Cosmetic items in it (1 per box). Click here to see what it could contain.


Trimmed Sets box :

Price : 25 Slayer Points

Use : Contains various trimmed items in it (1 per box). Click here to see what it could contain.


Slayer Gamble box :

Price : 100 Slayer Points

Use : Very Rare chance to obtain 3rd age pieces, blood necklace, Shadow Silk hood. Even lower chance to obtain "Scroll of the Lords".


Loot of 1k Slayer Gamble box



Scroll of the Lords :

Prices : 1000 Slayer Points

Use : With this scroll you will be able to combine your hairymonkey rings (Treasonous ring/Tyrannical ring/Ring of the Gods) into the new best in slot Ring.


New armour pieces/jewellery that come with this update :


The ring of the lords


The ring of the lords has the combined Combat styles of all three Hairymonkey rings and is in every Style the new best in slot ring. It also deals Recoil damage to your opponents.


Blood necklace


The Blood necklace is the new 2nd best in slot amulet ingame. It has hybrid stats surpasing the Saradomin Amulet stats. It Also has the same healing effect as the Amulet of Completion.


Shadow Silk Hood


The Shadow Silk Hood is the new Mage/Range version of the Slayer helmet. ye das it.





Important changes:


Drop rate boost changes


The following Drop rate boosts now officially apply :


Elite Donator   from 1.3x   -> 1.2x   

10bXp Cape    from 1.35x -> 1.2x

Row               from 1.1x ->   1.1x

Ironman         from 1.2x  -> 1.0x   




Patch notes :

- ;;trio teleport fixed. Will teleport you into the safezone now

- ;;worldmap has been added

- commands list reworked

- Added Stq Kc

- Added Stq Pet

- Kbd Kc added

- Changed "forums" link to the right link

- New Teleport to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon ( 5, 2, 5, 2 for quick teleport )

- Every Regular Slayer task now gives 5 Slayer Points

- Every Regular Slayer task skip now costs 3 Slayer Points




Upcomming Updates :


New Achivements


We felt it was currently too easy to get the all Achivements done to get the Amulet of Completion. So we decided on adding more Challanging Achievements on the already existing list. 


The new Achivements


kill x200 Zombies (dragith minions)
Obtain the Master Slayer title (Kill all none Donator Bosses x100 times)
Smith 1000 Rune 2h
Cut 25000 Dstones
Mine 4000 Tokkuls
Cook 10000 Stews
Cook 10000 Rocktails
Make 10000 Rocktail soup
Buy all Boss slayer abilities
Craft an Full slayer helmet
Colour your Slayer helmet
Spend 100k Reign Seals
Spend 100k Loyality points
Spend 250 Trivia points
Spend 250 Vote tickets
Spin x1000 SoF
Win a game of Fight pits (Will be fixed soon/if not removed from the list)
5k Abby demon kills
2500 Dark beasts kills

(feel free to suggest more on discord)


PS : progress you make pre official release of the achievements rework wont count towards the achievement progress and can not and will not be taken over.


 ReignX Staff Team 


Special Thanks goes  to: Sashim for coding, Beast for helping with big parts of the update, da Community ingame and on discord

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