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Homepage - https://www.odevain.com

Hiscores - https://www.odevain.com/hiscores

Website Features:
- Full RS integrations
- Account Management
- Name Changes (Plus In-Game)
- Register Emails (To reset passwords)
- Change Password (Requires Email)
- Hiscores, Compare/Search users and browse top ranked
- Twitter feeds
- News System for all types of News/Events
- Auto Voting System with Rewards to choose
- Auto Donation System, Fully Auto integrated Serversided
- Adventure Loggin System
- Resizable Webclient
- Downloadable Client
- Available Forum, Posting for all your needs.

In-Game Features:
- Loot received system
- Aura's System, With Modifier boosts and Looks
- Slayer Point system, With Task ladder
- Reward token System, With Drygore!
- Fight Caves & Fight Kiln with Fire Cape
- Completionist' Cape (All Major Boss kills Req. + All 99/120(s))
- PVP Teleports, Mini-Games, Skilling, Boss, Training, Slayer and more.
- Full titling system
- Clans, and Clan Wars
- PK Portals at home (Kept on Death, And lose on Death)
- Full Banking Support with tabs and Quick deposit
- Full Skilling system, All to be made money from
- Crystal Keys, A chance at Third-Age
- Fully Hardcoded Nex, Chance at Max-Armours and Weapons
- All RS2 Bosses
- Squeel of Fortune Wheel, Gain experience lamps to better your journey.
- Thieving Stalls centrally located
- Smithing Centrally located
- Spinning Wheel Centrally located
- Full Summoning, With BOB's, Titans and more!
- Spellbooks changing with ease
- Curses Centrally located, Normals with Rigour and Augury
- Pking Leaderboard Centrally located
- Banks in most locations
- Stable Economy
- Money Pouch
- Good XP rate (Combat 60, Skilling 30 with modifiers)
- Support Player Ranks, Earn Ranks in Ladder
- Ability for Custom Titles

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