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Nova Tier is back and better than ever! Yes, it's the same source as before, this is NOT a knock-off version of Nova Tier. It's the exact same, but we have come back with some much needed updates that all of you can enjoy. With less NPC's at home, more banks, instant ammunition and Dharok set spawning, everything is much better than what it was. We have come back with a fury of updates that doesn't change the overall gameplay from how it was. It's still the same-old Nova Tier with some great updates for all the players. Most of which you players had suggested in the past. Nova Tier is not only coming back, but we plan to come back with a bang. Hopefully we will rise to what we were before, even bigger, and conquer all the other servers that try to stand before us. Come join Nova Tier and help us create the legacy that we must attain. Every player is a blessing to us, we just need your support to make everything happen. Information about the server:Nova Tier is a pk/eco server, which means we support the roles for everyone. If you are a skiller, pker, or pvmer, then you will fit right in with us! We have flawless combat for you all to enjoy, many bosses, immense minigames, and a wonderful community. Professional staff is at your disposal for anytime you need them. Our bosses are well designed for all your bossing requirements. Our combat is perfect for any pker or pvmer. Our skilling is wonderfully developed for anyone that wishes to skill. The economy has been worked on thoroughly from the last time we were opened, so it's much better than before. I hope everyone enjoys all the wonderful updates to the server, and I hope you join us to be apart of the legacy.