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Versión 1.16.x
Tipo Semi Vanilla Economy
United States
Ultima Actualización17 Dec 2020
Fecha de Ingreso02 Jun 2020


Welcome to The Lovelyserver.

We are a fun Server that is focused on creativity, community-building, and keeping to the core of the game itself. You play the game, you win!
Our goal here; is to maintain a friendly, fun, and equal community for anyone and everyone that joins in! This means; an all in-game rank-up system, custom economy with server shop and ability to create towns and micro-economies, and “Zero” pay-to-win mechanics! The Easy Survival setting with Keep Inventory makes for a nice, brisk experience for newbies, vets, total derps and techs, the competitive and casual alike.
Hop in. And have FUN
And have a good time on The lovelyServer!

Please stop by the rules page on the Lovely Discord server on the way into your game to go over some of the simple guidelines that help the world from descending into anarchy. Thank you!

Join the server IP:
You can join the Minecraft server with **1.16.3 or 1.16.4


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