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Blockfront is a Brand New, Unique Star Wars Faction Experience


Live out your star wars fantasies in our expansive role play setting! 


With Custom Blasters like the E-11 or DH-17, the dynamic of the game is truly changed!

A Force Power Progression System where you can unlock a ton of Force Abilities to use in combat also shifts Gameplay.
Some examples are Force Freeze, Force Push/Pull, Force Lightning, etc

Lightsabers are also obtainable through crafting and other events!
With 30+ Designs!

Other Features Include:

Bounties, Player Events, Mini-Bosses, Planets, Bosses, Speeders, Player Shops, and Custom Mobs!

See you on the Blockfront soldier!!!!!


May The Blocks Be With You!!

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Jugadores Online - en las últimas 24 horas

Change Logs
27 Mar 2020

New Features


- Orange Lightsaber

- 5 new Mini Bosses

- Land Speeders

- Darksaber

- Sith Temple

- Better Crate Loot

- Playtime Rewards

04 May 2020

Force Power Update Changes:

Force Textures Have Been Changed Textures were created curtsey of ZeoMaddox!

Force Powers now have cooler Particle Effects

Force Push/Pull: - Now Attached To An Item - Can Push and Pull from up to 15 blocks away

Force Drain: - Increased Drain Range

Force Mindtrick: - Increased Mindtrick Range

Force Heal: - Redone Completely - Now creates a ring and any user inside that ring at time of use will be healed and the force healer will receive a heal boost aswell

Force Freeze: - Increased Range - Now Works on Mobs

Force Dash: - Nerfed Slightly

Force Sense: - New Force Power - Lets the player know if there is another player nearby within a 250 block radius

30 May 2020

Over The Course of this Month, we plan on releasing tons of new content! Here is a rough outline of when you can expect things to come out

Rebel vs Empire Event:

This Event will begin today. On joining you will be greeted with a pop-up asking you to either join the Rebellion or Join The Empire.
Your choice will not be known by others. If you kill another player, you will be messaged if the player you killed was on the opposite side.
At the end of the Month, the side with the most kills from of the other team will receive the BB-8(if rebellion wins) or BB-9E(if empire wins).
Remember, no one will know what you are unless you get killed by them.
Backwards Lightsabers:
Expect this feature to come around 5/29-6/1
The crafting recipe for backwards sabers will be an ironblock in the middle and a crystal in the bottom-middle slot

A Surprise:
on 5/31 come on for a surprise!

New Mini-bosses:
Stormtroopers and Sith Inquisitors will begin appearing all over the world. (6/1-6/3)

Other Content We Have No Date For ATM:
- Tie-Fighters
- Double Color Sabers
- Blaster Remodels
- New Blasters!
- New Gadgets
- Sith Temple Arena
- R2D2/R4D4/Gonk Droid

05 Jun 2020

Throwable Sabers is now out!