Lo5t WoW Server


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Version 3.3.5a
Typ Blizzlike Crossfaction Dungeons Max Level 80
United States
Letztes Update10 Aug 2020
Beitrittsdatum14 May 2020


We run a 3.3.5a WoW private server with near Blizzlike settings. We are small friendly community. Come check us out!


What custom features have been implemented?

Cross Faction: So our small player base isn't broken apart and players can pick whatever race they like. (pretty much everything is cross-faction, guilds, parties, raids, auction house)
Auto Balance: this scales dungeons and raids, currently changing mob stats based on how many players are inside the instance, which allows them to be completed by smaller groups of players.
Individual EXP rates: The default rate is x1, but we get it, leveling is not for everyone. To make it a little easier you can adjust your rate up to x4 by typing .xp set 4
World Chat: To keep the player base connected no matter their play style we have a cross faction world chat channel. Just type /join World
Auction House Scripting: the AH is filled with Items for trade skills, greens and blues for gearing while leveling, quest items and other useful things that really help out simulating what you might find on a server with more people making things available.
Starter items: Every new character will start with 4 x 12 slot bags.


What features are being worked on?