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United Kingdom
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Our server is a T2A Server. Possibly the best era of Ultima Online there has ever been. True all the newer stuff is nice, but its not what Ultima Online was meant to be.Here we aim to provide only the best playing experience to you. We have a very close relationship between the player base and the staff team. We are players of the game just like yourself, you never know your in game friend might just be a member of our staff teamOur main selling point is our fast paced and skillful PvP system. No EasyUO or Razor allowed here, we use in game macros only Like a bossWe offer a wide range of skills here. Ranging from Herbs Lore, through Archery to Blacksmithing. There is always a skill for you, and others to go with it to make you a professional at what you do best.We have an active development team, if you have any suggestions on how to improve a skill, or something completely new, simply use the forums and our dev team will get back to you about it. We reply to all ideas and suggestions, we make it a priority.There are many things to look forward to when you join us. All you have to do is download our pre-patched game. Then just log in and get goingThe community is a long standing one, some go back to as far as playing UO together since 1999. There is a diverse player base, ranging from English, Portuguese, Latvian, Thai and Swedish players, of course theres more.Join us now to experience a real, hardcore Ultima Online Shard now