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Version Pre Renewal
Typ High Rate WoE PVP Customs International Storyline Newbie Friendly
United States
Letztes Update02 Jun 2021
Beitrittsdatum07 Nov 2014


Love looking cute? Love owning PvP? Love breaking emperiums? Love being popular? Love having fun? You'll love ForsakenRO! Join us today, and find your new RO home!  
  Rates: 6k/6k/100% (MvP cards 10%, Thanatos 1%), with floating rates on weekends! Maximum level: 255 base, 255 job Maximum stat: 300 Instant cast: 150 dexterity Main town: Forsaken City (go 25)   Votable & questable donation items Free guild pack with donation set and consumables for every guild member Free great looking headgears for you when you join (talk to the Freebie NPC at fcity 82 119!) International server with American, European, and Asian-Pacific War of Emperiums Guild competition and weekly Guild vs. Guild events Intense Player vs. Player fights, where all jobs are balanced and competitive - Snipers, Lord Knights, Mages, Creators... you name it! Challenging, party-oriented raids for a unique PvE experience 100s of fun quests, including the epic "Fate of the Gods" storyline Optional 3rd job sprites (including Kagerou, Oboro and Rebellion) without the OP skills! No donation exclusive/account bound items, anyone can obtain donation gear without donating! MvP summoning rooms and invasion events, increasing your chances of getting cards Over 600 great looking custom items with matching palletes, tons of hairstyles & unique looks   Stable server, up for more than 7 years with no rollbacks or resets Frequent, high quality updates with unique maps, items/recolors, innovative quests, gameplay improvements, raids, seasonal events, and so much more... see for yourself! Professional, experienced administration who interact with the community and listen to what our players have to say. We care about what players think and want to make the server the best! We don't just offer automated events, but lots of daily GM-hosted events. Have some fun with our friendly GM team! Pre-Renewal server (no renewal mechanics or broken/imbalanced 3rd jobs) - we're still the RO you remember and love Custom anti-bot/cheat system to punish anyone not playing fair