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Version Bless Universe Classic Remastered MMONATION
Typ King x100 No Donate Shop Lifetime Warranty By Your Suggestions 5000 Online
United States
Letztes Update20 Apr 2020
Beitrittsdatum27 Apr 2019


Largest and most popular private server with latest Bless Universe unique server files. Feel the true Classic MU Online experience. We invite you to our newest server King x100 without donate shop. By your suggestions. Outstanding quality. Servers are online for 8+ years without any wipes. Gifts and experience boosts for new players. Lifetime warranty of your accounts and items. Lets create the best MU Online world together!

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Bless MU (img 26817) Mu Online Private server | TopG
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Bless MU (img 26816) Mu Online Private server | TopG
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Bless MU (img 26815) Mu Online Private server | TopG
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Bless MU (img 26814) Mu Online Private server | TopG