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⬥:⬥ ──── Why KronoTech? ────⬥⬥ There are too many copy-paste hub servers out there. At KronoTech we want to re-capture the community feel of the good ol' days when different Minecraft servers didn't follow the same old formula. We want that returned with a modern catch... + mods! ⬥⬥ ──── Basic Server Info ────⬥⬥ Name: KronoTech IP: Modpack Version: SevTech Ages (Latest) MC 1.12.2 (1.9+) Website: None (yet) Discord Invite: [] copy to send to a friend. ⬥⬥ ────Features────⬥⬥ Map Info: We last reset our map on Oct 28, 2018. We do not have any plans on resetting unless things get problematic! SevTech Ages: Take a journey through time! Begin as a caveman rolling around in the mud and stones and learn how to survive. Once you have that under control, begin your climb through the ages of technology into the space age! Grief Prevention: We utilize a plugins that can be used to protect your storage blocks such as chests etc. Once you have played on our server long enough to earn some coins(you get these over time as well as selling items) you can create or join a Nation where full land plots are protected. Playtime: As you play on the server you will be given rewards based on the time you have spent playing on the server. You can check your own playtime and compare it to others with our leader board! Nations: Nations is a plugin similar to Towny. It enables players to create nations, (what was called towns in Towny), invite players to join their nations, claim land etc. As the owner of a Nation you can create and sell plots/zones for other players from parts of your land. Economy: Every new player starts with 500 coins and you can use your coins to create Nations, buy land and trade with other players. Discord: Our "Server-Feed" channel hooks into game chat, you can see the goings on of the server in real time. Interactions with this coming soon (Possibly as donator ability) Community Feel: Start a Nation! Meet new people! Chat with friends! Join in on a community project! ⬥⬥────Rules────⬥⬥ Be respectful to your fellow players and staff members. Do not start fights. Respect the decisions and requests of staff. We strive to be a friendly community. Basically, don't be a jerk. :) Chat Rules (includes Discord): Harassment, racism, and sexism will not be tolerated. Do not spam. No excessive swearing. (To be defined on a case by case basis by staff.) Do not beg for items or ranks. Do not impersonate staff or other players. English only in main chat. No Griefing and Raiding: Griefing is defined as altering someone elses build without permission or killing their mobs without permission. Raiding is defined as stealing from chests that are not yours. Do not claim/protect someone else's base. Basically, if it isn't yours and you don't have permission to build there, don't touch it. No Hacking or Cheating: Do not use alt accounts to give yourself extra event rewards. Do not use a mod that gives you an unfair advantage. Do not use hacked clients (On top of 250+ mods? RIP framerate) AFKing: AFKing is allowed, so long as you are not causing lag. If you are unsure, please ask an admin before building an AFK farm. Advertising: Do not advertise the IP or name of another server anywhere, unless you have permission. PvP Guidelines: PvP is currently off but it may be possible for players to locally switch in the future.

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