UK EU NEW RedRust 2x Vanilla


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عنوانIPالخاص بالخادم
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التنبيه الأخيرMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
النوع 2x Active Admins Anti Hack Anti Cheat MagicLoot Quick Smelt Weekly Wipe Monthly Bp Wipe Fast Crafting Good Server Rust
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United Kingdom
التحديث الأخير12 Feb 2020
تاريخ الانضمام12 Feb 2020
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[UK/EU] [NEW] RedRust 2x Vanilla+ (Trying to populate and gain server regulars)

•Wipes: Thursday 5pm GMT|BP:Monthly|Size:3500|Group Limit:6

•Vanilla Gameplay with QOL improvements and brighter/ faster nights

•Optimized High Performance- Dedicated Intel Core i7 4GHz

•Super Fast speeds for a smooth rust experience

•Active Non Playing Admins

•Join regulations & custom antihack to prevent cheaters


ABOUT!- This server runs 2x on all rates plus stack sizes and is lightly modded to provide a vanilla feel whilst removing some of the grind!

Server Features: Furnace Sorter, Quick Smelt, Quick Recycle, Group limit detection, DM's, TC Authed SAM Sites, TimedEvents, StackSizeManager, Steam Checks and many other game improvements!

For more info and much more join our discord!-