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Discord Discord
الحالة Unknown
التنبيه الأخيرMonitoring disabled
النوع Safe Survival PvE Arena Pvp Economy Land Claim Jobs Skills Slimefun Leveling Auction
الموقع الجغرفي United States
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التحديث الأخير04 Sep 2022
تاريخ الانضمام03 Sep 2022


▪ UNIQUE Level System containing FREE RANKS and COSMETICS!
▪ Player Economy with Auction House.
▪ Jobs to earn coins.
▪ Skills for an RPG experience.
▪ Land claim system with No-Grief Survival.
▪ Crates for Voting and Voteparty, as well as normal crates.
▪ Islands to gain access to with Rank-Ups
▪ Dungeons to explore with lots of danger and loot.
▪ Toggle your PvP with /togglepvp
▪ Events
▪ Slimefun
Are you ready to become the best player on the server? Then join us at play.taleshaven.net!
» IP: play.taleshaven.net
» Discord:  https://discord.gg/jX5jVVDWFv