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Lords, Ladies and Adventurers. Welcome to Minecraft Civilizations!

Embark and explore one of the most ambitious Towny experiences crafted to date. Visit the Tavern to come across one of the largest and well-rounded Vanilla+ survival servers Minecraft has to offer. Innovation, freedom and inclusivity are all principles that are at the forefront here at Mine-Civ!

Find your calling within our title trees... hone your skills and become a Samurai or become the largest town on the market and become Emperor... discover your path, and unlock the achievements that Mine-Civ has to offer! With a completely reimagined system of governance and decentralization, Mine-Civ is a community that is based on the continuous improvement and innovation of the traditional Minecraft experience. That’s why we incorporate key-aspects of traditional SMP to give ALL mine crafters the ability to play the game as they would please.

With our new and improved Quests, we offer a truly one-of-kind roleplay and cool experience. Go on Quests with your fellow Adventurers and fight the bosses Mine-Civ has roaming around its lands! Defeat them and earn some coin!

Our communal Discord server also houses an ever growing community of likeminded individuals. With a robust ticketing and moderation system, we ensure a truly safe but one-of-a-kind experience on Discord with members of our community. So if you want to get to know what we're all about without having to log in, pop by https://discord.gg/3tDVxFH for a look!

With a dedicated server node hosting all our servers, we offer top-of-the-line performance to allow us to host various performance-heavy plugins. With major plugins such as Towny Advanced, Guilds, and Quests, we shape a unique self-governance system for all players and communities within the server but offer improvements on the quality of life of by introducing unique agricultural items that build on the existing recipe of Minecraft! Offering a vast array of separate plugins, we also have a dynamic, robust and fully functioning economic system to allow the creation of firms that innovate and reimagine what real business is really like!

Here at Mine-Civ, we try and include everybody in our community and offer people a unique playstyle. That's why we now offer complete cross-platform availability on our server so that Bedrock and Java players alike can play the game they know and love. Xbox/PS4/Switch/Mobile are all supported platforms on the Lands of Mine-Civ! Just a couple of extra steps and you can join our community from any platform you may choose!

IP: play.mine-civ.com

By offering a Ryzen 9 5950X in Germany, lag issues are a thing of the past. Thanks to DedicatedMC, we can seamlessly offer great performance without worries of disconnections and unusually high pings, and with our improved BungeeCord protocols with 24/7 uptime!

By offering a dynamic, broad and diverse staff team, Minecraft Civilizations sets inclusivity above all else. That’s why the staff team regularly take notes from our suggestions, and frequently make community polls to get a better idea on the current climate of current integrations within the server. Transparency, support and friendliness are all things that are guaranteed from the team here at Mine-Civ. Our motto is, and always will be: A community for the players by the players.

Furthermore, here at Mine-Civ we offer 100% guarantee of NO pay-to-win system. Everything we offer our supporters are obtainable by normal means, and thereby given equal opportunity to get the special stuff that Mine-Civ offers to its patrons and supporters. We here at Mine-Civ serve the community and ensure that EVERYONE gets an equal opportunity within our borders. Those that support us, are honored by enshrining their support in our Spawn. And they get included in Quests too!

We hope that you’ll consider stopping by.

From the team here at Mine-Civ, we appreciate you taking the time to read.

We hope and would be overjoyed to see you all online.

The Minecraft Civilizations Staff Team