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الإصدار 1.19 1.19.x 19
النوع Vanilla Survival Build Citybuild Clans Essentials Dynmap Freebuild Griefprevention Trading
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Key Features

  • Join and play, no complicated sign up or registration process

  • Lobby / Freebuild / Farmworld / Creative / Marketplace

  • Plots and Citybuild

  • Playershops (Marketplace)

  • Ranking System (Playtime or donation based)

  • Vote rewards / More achievements with toplists

  • Friendly community (German / English)

  • Completely free, no money required, we have been privately funded since the beginning and welcome donations (of course there is a donation shop - you don't need it though!)

We as a team have been hosting Minecraft servers since before 2012. Our concept has always been: join and play. We hate complicated screening processes or forced registration. This concept is been actively lived on our Ender Games Vanilla server, which you can check out now.

Dynmap: https://pure.ender.games

Server IP (SRV): mc.ender.games

Need help?

Contact us on our Discord (https://discord.gg/m6Tr3D24my) or have a chat on our Teamspeak 3 Server (IP: ts.ender.io).

Detailed Information


"Everyone needs a place to call home" -> this is the entry point to all our servers, from here you can use portals to all other servers or simply use /freebuild to start building.


Our huge Freebuild server is open to everyone. Build whatever you want and be creative. You need resources? Use /farmworld


Like any senseful person you never destroy your own planet, you got a burner planet! That's what our Farmworld is for. Unlimited space, no borders and plenty of sand, stone, dirt and wood to chuck! We regularly reset this world.

Creative / Plots

Want to build with unlimited resources to impress your friends and show your fellow players your delicate building skills. Want to show off some redstone skills? Go for it!


  • Plot price 1000$

  • Size: 51x51 per plot

  • Multiple plots can be merged for 2000$ each

Marketplace / Shop

E-Commerce is your thing? Feel free to sell your goods on our in-game marketplace. Use /marketplace to join the shopworld and rent yourself a shop-plot. We use the simple ChestShop plugin, to buy/sell. You decide price and quantity, there are no strings attached.


  • Plot price 300$, 600$, 900$

  • Size: "shopsize"


You have seen 'prices' above and might be wondering 'how do I get money, and what is that money made off?!' -> All money referenced is made up of zero's and one's. There is no hard currency used on our servers. You get money by participating in the servers economy (e.g. player shops), Playtime, Vote rewards, Events and maybe some virtual money laundering ;)

Achievements & Advancements

We added over 100 achievements for you. You can reach these goals by simply playing. Want to find out what to do next, use /aachievements list

You earn ingame money and trophy's with each level up!

Additionally the vanilla advancement system has been greatly improved with over 600 new advancements. More bragging rights!


Everyone starts as a 'Traveler' but the more you play the more reputation you gain. Soon you'll climb up the social ladder until you are a Eternal!

Every rank comes with different perks that will help you progress.

Traveler -> Novice -> Citizen -> Knight -> Noble -> Eternal

Donator Ranks

If you want to support the upkeep of the server you may donate. Donating is purely voluntary and never enforced. Donating gets you one of three ranks with special perks in return, most of which are purely cosmetic to keep the server a fair experience for any player.

Ranks: Earl, Baron or Duke

As stated before, the whole server network has been privately funded for 10+ years so donations are just helping out. The estimated operational costs for networking, processing (CPU / RAM), storage, backup storage and miscellaneous costs are roughly 120€ (~127USD) /month.


Check Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/GnjsYQ0

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