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التصنيف18043 Random Server
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عنوانIPالخاص بالخادم
الحالة Unknown
التنبيه الأخيرMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
الإصدار 1.6
النوع SoupPvP Economy Raiding Griefing Gambling Grinders Auction Tracking Hard Oldschool
الموقع الجغرفي
United States
التحديث الأخير29 Aug 2020
تاريخ الانضمام29 Aug 2020
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Feller Pvp

FellerPvp is a New Hardcore Soup Pvp server that tries to bring back the feel of McPvp

Too often I see servers with Admin shops that offer lots of stuff in the game, diamonds for example, and then players do the same grind for money and buy what they need. So, I made FellerPvp a Unique experience, old school survival pvp with player based trading/economy. You can still make money, buy spawners and a few pvp supplies, for everything else, you gather on your own or maybe get it in the Auction House off other players.

Heres some features you can expect to see:

Soup Pvp
Raiding and Griefing are allowed
Old school combat / No attack cooldown / No Notch apples
15 sec Ender Pearl cooldown / No Elytra
Hard difficulty
Envoys, Like supply drops, Fight for some Pogg lewt at spawn
10kx10k World border from spawn to keep raiding interesting
Tracking, build your own player trackers to help find bases
Parties to group with others, but No land claiming
EggCatcher, Catch mobs with craftable eggs
Silk Spawners And stackable Spawners
Gambling, Coinflip against others for the chance to double your money
Small shop with a virtual Auction house to influence player trading
Leaderboards, be the Richest, Deadliest, Most active feller you can be!
Loot crates for voters and donators!

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