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الإصدار 1.15.2
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Burg Kurg
IP: BurgKurg.serv.gs
Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/2VFmcvS

Burg Kurg is a Survival Multiplayer (SMP) and Creative server for Minecraft Java Edition! Our survival world is pretty simple and includes everything from mining to creeper explosions. You can also create claims to claim your land, protecting it from TNT, creepers, and other gamers! (You'll need to obtain a golden shovel though...)

Rules are in-game, but it boils down to this:


Swearing is alright, but don't use the F wOrD every other word you speak.
Don't discriminate based on sexuality, sex, religion, etc.
Avoid controversial topics in chat (politics, religion, etc)
Don't be toxic.
Being a hecker in chat could get you muted. That's no fun.


See spawn or our server site.

It's all pretty lax. Just don't be a hecker.

(Donate on our server website, here)
Unfortunately, running this server isn't free. Currently, we're charged US$5.00 per month to keep the server running. As an incentive, we offer some Donor perks.

- Grants access to Advanced Daily Rewards (Better than Basic Daily Rewards, but not pay-to-win!!)
- World Edit in Creative
- /nick (To set a nickname)
- 11 Homes
- 15 Plots in Creative

All donations are made through our hosting company, Server.pro. In fact, there's no way to export donations to real-world money, so every dollar you donate goes toward the server. Applying the Donor perks is done manually; your month(s) begin once you receive your perks. If you don't have your perks within 24 hours, hit us up on the server's Discord.

(We reserve the right to change privileges in the Donor rank at any time should the server be struggling. We don't want nor plan to do this, but it's always possible. We also reserve the right to revoke the perks from anyone using their perks for an unfair advantage. This shouldn't be possible with the way the perks are set up, but if an exploit is discovered, for example, and one is using their Donor perks to achieve this exploit, the individual may have their perks revoked.)

Ready to game? Come join us!

(Of course, we are NOT affiliated with Burger King Corporation. in any way. We do not use any of their intellectual property.)
(Note, the server is hosted in Canada but me and the bois are American)

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