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Последнее обновление31 May 2017
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Last major update (19 May 2017): Zulrah!
Soon to be released: Wilderness achievement diary and more wilderness content!


Join our heartwarming and continually growing community today! We have an active and balanced economy thanks to a fully working Grand Exchange. With a lot of PKing activity in our wilderness and a 'start- and go' policy, we get you into the wilderness as quickly as possible! 

Join us now!

• Frequent updates
• Fullscreen & resizable modes
• Ironman mode with separate instanced boss rooms
• Weekly weekend events
• Titan events in the wilderness
• Weekly Castle Wars events
• Perfect Grand Exchange
• Fully working construction!
• Bounty Hunter
• God Wars Dungeon with Nex!
• All bosses + boss pets!
• Full clan support!
• Improved combat system
• Revenants which drop useful PK items!
• Highly rated by new players shortly after starting
• Custom whips with various abilities
• Fully working completionist and max capes
• Other than custom whips, NO custom items or NPC's other than those found in RuneScape or OSRS!


Come check it out yourself today!