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Status Online
Letzter Ping52 seconds ago
Version 1.12.2
Typ Semi Vanilla PvE SMP No Griefing Grief Prevention Survival Community Semivanilla Ranks
United States
Letztes Update04 Dec 2017
Beitrittsdatum03 Jul 2016

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Play Minecraft As It Should Be Played! Unmodified and Simplified! Build, survive, suffer or prosper all by yourself or with friends. There’s no shops, plugins, or modifications which will take-away from the brutality of vanilla survival. Only ones which will prevent griefing and raiding!

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Change Logs
09 Sep 2016

Transferred to a new host - BisectHosting. Server is now more stable and less likely to crash.

22 Nov 2016

Updated the game to 1.11. Also the world border has been increased.