Impact-WoW 1-10x 335

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版本 3.3.5a
类型 Blizzlike Low Rates High Rates
位置 United States
最近更新19 Mar 2023
加入日期26 Feb 2023


We offer many things, to name a few:

1-10x XP Rate of your choice!
2x Drop Rate!
5x Money Rate!
Riding Cost Reduced by 75%!
Riding levels dropped from 20/40 to 15/30!
Bounty Hunter!
Dungeon BUFFS depending on player size!
Solo Dungeons available (Buffs scaled depending on player size!)
NO 15 Minute Dungeon cooldown wait time!
PvP Token on Player kill!
AH Bots (Grey-Blue items of variations and all dif classes!)
Transmog Items!
Play Time Gold Reward!
World Chat! (Use #w then chat!)