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版本 3.3.5a
类型 High Rates Blizzlike
位置 Romania
最近更新17 Apr 2022
加入日期03 Apr 2022


 Welcome to Eternyum Reborn, a high-rate server that aims to immerse you to the vast world of Azeroth in a chill and laid back setting.


We've decided to raise the rates so that all members, either newcomers or veterans of World Of Warcraft, will have fun spending time here. Valuing more the social interaction than the grindy setting of the game, our aim is to make friendships than losing your minds farming a certain piece of gear or mount. 


Server Info!

  • Always Max Skill For Level ACTIVE
  • Rate Uncommon x9
  • Rate Rare x7
  • Rate Referenced x15
  • Rate Money x10
  • Rate XP Kill x35
  • Rate XP Quest x30
  • Rate XP Explore x10
  • Rate Honor x2



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