The Shattered Sun


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版本 TBC 2.4.3
类型 Blizzlike Friendly Staff Raids Battlegrounds Arenas Dungeons Mangos
最近更新24 May 2020
加入日期17 May 2020


The Shattered Sun tries to be as close to the retail The Burning Crusade experience as possible when the servers where at the end of The Burning Crusade.

This means
- No Cash shop
- No custom content
- No level boosts
- No gear rewards
- No vote begging
- No vote or donation rewards
- Seal of blood only on Horde

What do you get
- Good Scripting
- Stable core
- Regular server updates
- Working RP event
- Working Dungeons
- Friendly community
- A road to level 70 like it was during The Burning Crusade retail

You can create your account and find more information on the website:

You can always join us on our Discord to get more information.

Change Logs
24 May 2020

The Road to level 70 is still going strong! Who will be the winner? Could it be you? Join the server today!