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版本 3.3.5a
类型 Blizzlike Max Level 80 Scripted No Donor Mid Rates All Professions Transmogrifier Progressive
United States
最近更新10 Mar 2020
加入日期10 Mar 2020

服务器 信息

We have cross-faction guilds/ groups/mail/AH! Because why be limited on what you like to do? All the PVP content will work as originally intended, but the PvE side of the server is wide open to expanding content completion. You also get a pocket portal allowing teleports all around the world AND a Teleporting NPC in all major cities. Allowing Dalaran to function as the main hub of server traffic so you can have a chance to meet other players! You also will join a guild when you create your character and have access to guild paid gear repair from the start!

One important update is a difficulty scaling server mechanism allowing for dungeons and raid to scale to your group size! Yes, this means in the right gear your 7 man group can gear up in 10 man raids & Three people can do 5 man dungeons.  No longer stuck not doing content if only a couple of buddies are online, go get those achievements and have a ball we say! You can even do solo if you really want to, but that's best for dungeons... solo raids are a challenge. Remember cross factions raiding is enabled and encouraged! Raids are all up to 99% scripted, working and tested successfully, so we know you can have a good time.

Free custom lvl 78 Dungeon rares are available in vendors located in Dalaran with vendors for Glyphs, Gems, Enchants all right there. So you and your friends can immediately jump straight into dungeons and raids without skipping a beat as soon as you hit 80. Getting to 80 is a breeze with custom heirloom sets as well as the original heirlooms all for 1 copper each. The vendors for these are located in every starting area and Dalaran! Who doesn't love having 10 to 13 pieces of gear level with you requiring no repair while you quest your heart out? Also, the XP rates are all 10x, Money is 5x, and you start with ALL flight paths discovered.

The entire server is cross-faction enabled down to the auction house so no matter what you decided to play as... You and a friend can ALWAYS work together from leveling to ICC. So why not give it a shot and join the server? Never hurt to discover a good thing and we even have basic leveling guides for horde and alliance all at!

Hopefully, we'll see you online soon!