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版本 Legion 7.3.5
类型 Blizzlike Custom Scripts No Cheats No Hacks Professional Staff
United Kingdom
最近更新16 Jan 2020
加入日期16 Jan 2020


Legion blizzlike 7x 7.3.5 battlepets all raids are scripted 

Hello, we are a small team of a few developers and staff that strive for perfection on our server.
We are a Legion server and have made the most progress out of all currently existing servers.
For Legion content, we have the following that's working perfectly:
-Antorus The Burning Throne
-Black Rook Hold Dungeon
-Cathedral of Eternal Night
-Court of Stars
-Dark Heart Thicket
-Eye of Azshara
-Halls of Valor
-Maw of Souls
-Micro Holidays
-Neltharions Lair
-Return To Karazhan
-The Arcway
-The Emerald Nightmare
-The Nighthold
-The Seat of The Triumvirate
-Tomb of Sargeras
-Trial of Valor
-Vault of the Wardens
-Violet Hold Legion
-Invasion points in Argus
-Invasion points with World Bosses
-Every single Legion World Boss
And not to fret, we have content working perfectly for earlier expansions aswell, like the following in Draenor and Pandaria
-Blackrock Foundry
-Bloodmaul Slag Mines
-Hellfire Citadel
-Iron Docks
-Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
-The Everbloom
-Upper Blackrock Spire
-Dark Portal
-Forstfire Ridge
-Shadowmoon Valley
-Every World Boss in Draenor
And for Pandaria we have:
-Gate Setting Sun
-Heart of Fear
-Mogu'shan Palace
-Mogu'shan Vault
-Shado-pan Monastery
-Siege of Niuzao Temple
-Siege of Orgrimmar
-Stormstout Brewery
-Temple of the Jade Serpent
-Terrace of Endless Spring
-Throne of Thunder
-Timeless isle
-Kun-Lai Summit
-Valley of the Four Winds
-Wandering Island
-Krasarang Wilds
-And every Pandaria World Boss
And we have the following scenarios working perfectly in Legion:
-A Brewing Storm
-A Little Patience
-Arena of Annihilation
-Army Training
-Assault on Broken Shore
-Assault on Zan'vess
-Battle on the High Seas
-Battle Pet Instance
-Blood in the Snow
-Brewmoon Festival
-Broken Islands
-The Celestial Tournament
-Crypt of Forgotten Kings
-Dagger in the Dark
-Dark Heart of Pandaria
-Domination Point
-Fall of Shan Bu
-Greenstone Village
-Legion Invasion
-Lion's Landing
-Proving Grounds
-Pursuing the Black Harvest
-The Secrets of Ragefire
-The Thunder Forge
-Troves of the Thunder King
-Unga Ingoo
And now, you're probably wondering, but DrustWoW, what about classes, what progress do you have on them?
Well, glad you asked, we have completed about 90% of the spells from each class across the board, including the spells from artifacts, below there's a list of classes that work close to perfect if not perfect.
-Death Knight
-Demon Hunter