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类型 Cap 110 Alchemy Auto Events Balanced Battle Arena Cheap Silk Job Rank Low Rate Old School D11
最近更新25 Jun 2020
加入日期14 Jun 2020


Alarya Online aims to provide the old school silkroad experience, with a few of improvements, without any big core game editing. If you are looking for the original game experience, this is made for you! We want to give back to the community that original feeling we all had by playing this beautiful game, trying to attract already experienced people but also beginners that never played before. People who played this game many years ago must have good memories on their long journey in this virtual world, enjoying every single event, every new update that brought everytime something new, every single achievement they reached. Exp rate will be low just like the original one and the cap will be 110, it may change depending on the community demands. All the regions will be available with a high monsters spawn rate. All the original quests will be available, the rewards have been increased in order to be more enjoyable. Bot is not allowed.

Although, as it has been said, the main purpose is to maintain the original game experience, some edits were necessary to provide a better game experience. We are open to accept any advice and suggestion that come from the community. Our purpose is to make this game more and more enjoyable. Any maintenance or update will be scheduled and the community will be noticed in advance. Editings can be summarized in

- Starter Pack
- Job Honor rank and Honor buff linked to Job weekly contribution.
- Quest system improved in rewards (Skill Points and Exp)
- Alchemy improvement and tablet/materials removed
- Unique kill silk rewards
- Silk/h system
- Elite Job Suit

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