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类型 English Balanced Old school Cap 80 Coins System Job Based Bounty phBot
最近更新01 Jul 2020
加入日期09 Jun 2019


Bounty System

1. All kills/deaths are based on honor points (HP)
2. If you are placed into the bounty system, everyone in the server will be alerted to your location. If you die you lose 15 HP x bounty level. If you kill someone you gain 15 HP x bounty level.
3. If you hunt someone that has a bounty you will gain 15 HP x bounty level. If you murder them you gain 15 HP x bounty level + 1.
4. Silk points can be used to purchase specific items at the storage NPC
- Honor Points are updated on server restart (usually every Friday or Saturday before fortress war) for buffs.
- Silk Points are updated on each teleport and can be used to redeem the rewards below immediately.


See our About page for all the cool features!

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