Wonder Craft SlimeFun 1.14.4 120 Build Comp


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状态 Online
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版本 1.8.x 1.14.x
类型 Survival Slimefun Mythicmobs Economy Pets Vote Rewards Sky block Towny MCMMO MCjobs
United States
最近更新11 Oct 2019
加入日期09 Nov 2018


Fun and friendly server filled with Slimefun, survival, jobs, mythic mobs, pets, economy, prizes and much more.

We run a custom version of slimefun for 1.14.4. We have unique items you will not find on any other server.

There are also full anti-grief measures in place, so your builds are safe and protected.

It is also run by mature staff who are there to ensure everything runs smoothly - everything you could want or need from a Minecraft server. So, come check out the Wonder Craft server

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Change Logs
09 Nov 2018

New server. Come and start your journey

11 Nov 2018

New fuctionality added and re-balancing of some plugins. 

Still in the new period with amazing giveaways.

14 Nov 2018

New Mini Game Added. Come and check it out.

24 Nov 2018

Skyblocks has been added

06 Jan 2019

All new custom items added to our slime fun guide. 

Try the new Moo's weapons or the amazing new food.

Not available on any other server.