Vengeance of Azeroth


分类World of Warcraft
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版本 Vanilla Classic The Burning Crusade TBC
类型 Blizzlike No Lag
最近更新23 Nov 2014
加入日期06 Sep 2014


Welcome To: VENGEANCE OF AZEROTH[Classic][TBC][Unique Blizzlike Realm Progression][The Best Scripted Server][Spells Like Charge & Blink Working][Perfect Blizzlike Minerals/Herbs][Blizzlike NPC Stats and LFG Systems][Active Devs and GMs][Active Issue Tracker /w Issues Addressed Quickly]
Brought To You By The Original And Lead Developers Of: MaNGOS / UDB / SCRIPTDEV2 / ACID Featuring CMaNGOS + TBC-DB + CLASSICDB + SCRIPTDEV2 + ACID Offering Both English and French Blizzlike Classic and TBC Realms OUR SERVERS FEATURE PRE-RELEASE DATA DIRECTLY FROM THE GREATEST ORIGINAL AND LEAD DEVELOPERS - THE TRUE GRANDFATHERS OF WOW EMULATION UNLIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO USES/BASED THEIR DATA ON WHAT WE HAVE DEVELOPED AND RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC OVER THE YEARS! We Are One Of The Greatest Groups Of Developers In WoW Emulation History Who Have Worked Closely Together For Many Years And Have a Combined Experience Of Over 35 Years of Frontline Fundamental WoW Emulator Development And Lead Development In Core, Database and Scripting offering you:
An Unforgettable Experience On The Very Best and Cutting Edge Blizzlike TBC and Classic WoW Servers on the Internet!!! Do You Miss The Old Original Epic Adventures? Looking To Re-Live The Very Best World of Warcraft Had To Offer? Come Join The Epic Adventure With Us Today! Come and Join Us on our Official IRC Chat Channel Meet The Entire Development Team Server: IRC.RIZON.NET Channel: #vengeancewow Brought to You By: X-Savior,Laizerox, Neo2003, XFurry, Muirebyc and Amki