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版本 1.12.2
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Come and join the Team Thnxcya Network. We are online 24/7 and offer four different servers to play on, all of which are accessible through a central hub!

The first is Survival. On this server you can explore and build to your hearts content. PvP has been disabled and griefing is not allowed. There is a land claiming plugin allows you to claim ownership over a chunk of land where only you may build and break blocks, protecting your builds and chests against griefers and thieves.
The second is Amplified Survival. This server is identical to survival except it has a crazy amplified world! Beautiful mountains and cliff for all of your creations!
The third is Creative. On this server you are given a nice spot of land to build whatever you want. Your building area is bound to you, so malicious players cannot sabotage your hard work.
The fourth up is Skyblock. On this server you start on a tiny island with only a few critical resources and expand from there. Our Skyblock server has an Item and Block shop, as well as a set of challenges to complete. Will your island be the greatest of them all?

Note that the Item and Block shops do not use real currency, only ingame money which is gained through completing challenges and selling items or blocks.