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RexCraftia is a one-of-a-kind survival server, featuring a custom events, unique weapons designed by the owner himself (alongside a few implemented from community suggestions), and beautifully hand-crafted scenery. Fully customized mobs paired with customized weaponry revolutionizes the PvP experience, meaning there is always something to do. Whether it be completing dungeons for rewards, or fighting boss mobs at extravagantly crafted castles, you are guaranteed a truly memorable rexperience.


Factions - You can create your own faction or join someone’s faction. Just remember to only team up with those you trust.

Artifacts - Obtain a variety of rare artifacts by killing mobs. These artifacts can have great powers that no normal weapon has. There are over 400 unique artifacts you can get.

Artifact Crates – Artifact crates can be crafted. A crate can be opened to receive a random artifact, crates have a chance of giving super-rare artifacts.

Automatic Dropparty – Dropparties will automatically begin when enough people are online. A dropparty can begin several times a day!.

Spawners - Purchase custom mob spawners. These spawners can be upgraded to spawn mobs that drop better rewards.

MobCash - Earn cash from killing mobs, you earn more cash from killing hostile mobs and even more for killing bosses such as withers or enderdragons.

Money Multipliers - Rank up in your legion to get a better money multiplier. With a higher money multiplier you earn even more money from killing mobs.

Custom World - Explore the unique world that has a bunch of new biomes. The world border is 20k by 20k.

LWC - Automatically lock your chests. You can use commands to have chests locked for yourself or you and your friends.

Bosses – Custom boss plugin, that spawns bosses every now and then. For example the enderdragon can respawn once every 6 hours.

Auction - Auction your spare items or valuables and let anyone on the server bid on it.


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