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版本 1.12.2
类型 Roleplay Custom Factions Adventure Lore Exploring Events Custom Map Nations
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Realms Of Esstia - A Unique Fantasy Role-play server!
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With a dedicated staff team and an enthusiastic community of roleplayers, Realms Of Esstia is a fantasy Role play server like none other. With a team of builders focused entirely on game-play and user experience, Realms of Esstia offers a plethora of unique opportunities which puts the spotlight directly on the player's enjoyment; whether that be a vanilla Minecraft survival within the safe grounds of a nation and surrounded by the warm arms of a tight community, or if you so wish, that be role-play either internationally via global politics, or nationally through local jobs and in-game roles which build teamwork, and brand new friendships. The opportunity to craft your own adventure is in your own hands, and your means for success can vary in countless ways!

Traverse the vast wilderness of Esstia as you path your way to greatness. Enter the great city of Reynon, home to the ancient imperialistic Reynonian Empire. Manoeuvre yourself through court to a position of great power, being deceitful and engaging in a game of intrigue with other players. Or why not remain a loyal and true subject, becoming a warden to your King and ensuring the safety of the realm. Perhaps take to the sword and march behind the great armies of the Northern states, or perhaps using your initiative in battle, becoming the greatest general in all of Esstia. Head East to the great desert, exploring the ancient pyramid crypts filled with treasures and quests. Engage in dynamic role play at the local tavern, built by your nation’s masterful builder, with a fun, welcoming community. And why not make your own nation? Create your own history, your own story. Set out to conquer, make friendships, gather wealth and ultimately rise to greatness in Realms of Esstia.

Realms of Esstia offers a rich and vibrant customized world, built specially by a seasoned map-making veteran. This custom world offers unique opportunities and gameplay elements that make this server completely unique to the typical vanilla experience.

Once you have settled into your city of choice, you can hand-craft your very own character, and the choices for their role are limitless, only bound by your creativity. You could be a simple miner exploring the vast and customized cave networks underneath the ground, or even a royal guardsman for the crown of your nation, ready to shed blood to the last fighting minute.

There are also a wide range of specially crafted single player opportunities in store for the player to explore, from small quests within the local tavern in Reynon, to assist the inn-keeper, or to full scale championships in our grand Colosseum in regular scheduled events. The wide variety of quests, varying in time and skill can be akin to those of many popular RPG games - you will never find yourself bored on Realms Of Esstia.