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Website: http://pixellegendsmc.com
Server IP: play.pixellegendsmc.com
Pixellegends is a 4 year old server.We started back as a Factions server with classes.But in the meanwhile we added alot of cool things and we finallyfinished our new Custom RPG world.You can use the loot you find in RPG to PvP and RAID with in our Factions world! The Land of Arcadia is a land that is formed by all kinds of different races and tribes.
Thats why it has so many small different regions. Arcadia lies in the center of all the lands.
Arcadia was always a peacefull paradise untill recently a Demon started sending monsters to Arcadia and trying to corrupt the minds of its people. Another land called Hyboria (our pvp factions world) is already in chaos.
The Demon corrupted the peoples mind in Hyboria and huge Civil Wars have been started through the lands.
Be carefull if you go there because nobody can be trusted. You have been away on a ship for years and had some issues underway. Finally you got back to your homeland Arcadia.
But things have changed alot since you last been there. And its your job to stop these Demons from destroying your country. You will have to pick a Class and start leveling up your skills and become a powerful Hero.There are tons of people that need your help (Quests).
And you will be able to do a Main Quest which keeps you busy for lots of hours.You will find tons of RPG loot.
Completely Unique item sets and gear, Cool Magical artifacts and much more!You can also customise your loot sets with Custom Enchantments or cool Socket Gems (open slots in your weapons).
Are you the Hero Arcadia needs? Can you safe the world?Get ready to fight Custom Bosses and raid many Dungeons!
Custom World
RPG Classes
Pets with Skills
Custom Enchants
Custom Mobs
A LOT of custom RPG loots
+ Alot More! We have over 70 classes available!
Im not gonna list them all.
But we have classes based on every type you can think of.
When you level your class by doing Quests, Killing Mobs or Mining things.
You will eventually be able to choose Specialisations.
Open World RPG
Kingdoms with TNT
Duel/Mob Arenas
http://pixellegendsmc.com/adimages/image0.png http://pixellegendsmc.com/adimages/image1.png http://pixellegendsmc.com/adimages/image2.png http://pixellegendsmc.com/adimages/image3.png http://pixellegendsmc.com/adimages/image4.png http://pixellegendsmc.com/adimages/image5.png http://pixellegendsmc.com/adimages/image6.png http://pixellegendsmc.com/adimages/image7.png   Website: http://pixellegendsmc.com
Server IP: play.pixellegendsmc.com

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Change Logs
27 Sep 2015
Added alot of new content, quests and dungeons!
31 Oct 2015
Improved our pet battleing system. You can choose skill trees and level them to level 100 now!
14 Jan 2016
Added alot of Quests and Content in the last weeks!
01 Nov 2017

New PvP Server released.


A Factions server with many custom features!


Mcmmo, SlimeFun (600+ custom items), Custom Enchantments, Custom World Generator,

Many events like King of the Hill, Envoy Crates, Boss Arenas and Outposts!

We need players that wanna help newbies around the server and welcome them.
After a while of good service you have the option to become a moderator.

We need good builders to work and fill one of our new RPG worlds.
Speak to staff on our server and ask for access to our Creative world to show off what you can do!