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Zenixion PvP
Launched 6/13/2016 at 2:00AM EDT(Official Launch Date/Time, kept being delayed due to SynTech Development) http://zenixion.ml is server website, steam://connect/ .[ORP], Official Home of SynTech, and more. Balanced Rates to not be too fast or too slow compared to official.Max player level is 200 with custom stat multipliers. Earn your right to protect, parley, or conquer! No admins to get in your way either, Do as you see fit within common sense server rules. All are welcome, bring your friends! Daily reboot at 9:00AM EDT. =) Rates:
~x6 Taming
~x5 Gathering
~x5 XP
~slower days/nights
~faster crops/slower decay
~better platforms
~normal breed speed
~x3 egg hatch speed
~x3 baby mature speed
~Babies require less food
~Resources respawn closer to bases and sooner for better Base Camofluage
~1.5 Player Damage for more use out of guns
~More, come see all there is to experience =) Server Rules:
1- Global chat should be kept to English only, although any Language is allowed in Global Chat. If you are in a Tribe you should use Tribe Chat to use alternative languages unless you are speaking with other survivors on the server, and then keep it to a minimum. 2- Racism or real life threats are NOT ALLOWED and you will be swiftly banned. 3- Inappropriate / offensive survivor names or tribe names are not allowed and will be changed to a name of Operator's choice. You will get 1 warning and if you create a new survivor or tribe with another inappropriate name your steam id will be banned. 4- Any hack / cheat / or exploit will result in permanent ban and added to Steam Vac list. https://arkservers.net/server/ http://ark-servers.net/server/43840 https://toparkservers.com/server/ http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687703166 is Mod Collection, i recommend subbing to download them first before attempting to join server, may take some time to load in all of our mods, but hey...that's just more stuff to enjoy once you finally connect ;)

Change Logs
27 May 2016

Added Tactical Tek Armor, Stone Ramps, and Shop mods so gameplay would be more exciting, complete, and interesting. =)

28 May 2016

So Far, server is happy and content. If you'd like to join, please download our mods first then try to join server, be patient, it takes awhile but you can do so much more with us... =)

30 May 2016

Removed half of our mods and modified settings to re-balance everything, server is having a blast =). More should be able to connect easier now, only 12 mods total aside from TheCenter DLC. Please keep trying, we do want you here with us!