Omniverse Horizons


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版本 1.14.4
类型 Survival Towny Economy PvE Adventure Survival Extended Custom Bosses Custom Enchants Jobs
United States
最近更新29 Oct 2019
加入日期23 Sep 2019


With more than 6 years of experience in running a Minecraft server, Omniverse Horizons is dedicated to providing a high quality survival experience.

Why choose Horizons?

Custom Crops
Anti-Grief and Anti-Theft protection
Custom Towny
Active and Supportive Staff
Playtime based Rank Perks

Superior Survival

Town based Plot Protection
Player driven Economy
19 Jobs with unique abilities
Job slot system with unlocks
Wilderness structures with loot chests
Powerful Boss Monsters
Custom items, enchants, recipes, and more
Voting rewards.

Welcoming Community

Friendly Chat
Active Forums
Discord server

在线玩家 - 过去24小时

Change Logs
18 Oct 2019

Added over 100 chef recipes allowing players to create new foods that provide different effects.
Foods include Beef Jerky, Hamburgers, Tacos, Soups and Salads!

20 Oct 2019

Added special sponges that Artisan can craft. Allows users to soak up lava or water in a 7x7 area 10 times. Also added buckets that let you place water or lava 10 times.

29 Oct 2019

Added Job bags that allow players to store up to an additional 54 items in their inventory!