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版本 1.14.4
类型 Towny Survival Extended Dungeons Custom Enchants Custom Items Free Ranks PVP ChestShop Mob Arena Pvp Mypet
United States
最近更新20 Nov 2019
加入日期07 Jun 2019



Welcome to MysteriaMC, We are a friendly community driven server with a aim to make fun, challenging content for our players to enjoy. We welcome anyone and everyone and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with what we have to offer.

Please visit us at play.mysteriamc,com


Towny includes a wide variety of features to enhance cooperation between players and includes many features not seen in regular survival. Create towns and nations, go to war with other nations or work together to create your own little paradise..


Take part in one of our many events held regularly from our hourly ingame fishing competitions with unique fish to catch to competitions held by staff and players

Custom Enchants

Discover over 30 custom enchants to add to your items and armor to enhance your pvp and pve experiences

Ingame Ranks

Purchase ingame ranks to unlock fun and useful perks

Friendly Community

We strongly believe that the community is the heart of a server, Our staff and players are very welcoming to new players and we have no doubt you’ll be making new friends in no time, Toxic behavior and drama is strictly not allowed and is swiftly taken care of by one of our many active staff members.


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Change Logs
14 Nov 2019

- Added a Class point and attribute relocation point npc trader in spawn
- Levelling up with a class will now give players a attribute point to use in /attributes
- The fishing competition and NPC's associated with it in the questworld have been reintroduced
- Reintroduced the Advent area ready for the xmas update /warp advent


- Fishing job in /profile now levels up
- Fixed costume heads preventing them from being placed on the ground, if you have a old one see me ingame to replace it
- Villager spawn eggs now work correctly
- More spawn rate optimizations

18 Nov 2019


removed all halloween drops and mobs to make way for the xmas events